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Nelson Mandela’s South Africa

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South Africa in recent times has become the focus of the whole world with the recent illness of Dr. Nelson Mandela, one time President of South Africa. It is great that Mandela has lived long to see South Africa as a free country for all South Africans. The question now is what does Mandela means to South Africa and Africans and indeed the world.

I think that the legacy of this great leader lies in vision, sacrifice, determination for the good of all South Africans and a large heart to aspire for the good of all in a world where self-centredness, manipulation and corruption is flattered . Mandela will not live in the flesh forever, though this may be hard for his loved ones to bear, but his ideals can.

For Mandela it had been a rough ride for many years but it had all come to this; honour! There will be many things that will be said about this great leader; it will be foolish to assume that everyone will say good things about him but the tribute of the lives impressed by his actions cannot be wished away. The inspiration that comes out of his life is there for anyone to pick up and run with. 

So what next? Will Mandela’s South Africa live on? Will South Africans enjoy true life of vision, sacrifice and freedom for all? South Africans will answer not in word but action.


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June 28, 2013 at 12:13 pm

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