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Does the Info. Product or Website You have deliver on Its Promise?

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We can’t argue the fact that information and traffic are the brain of business success. Making effort to update our knowledge is wisdom and getting traffic to your site is the secret to selling.

Many people are however finding it difficult to put into practice some information they got from a book, ebook, etc. Most times such people are forced to keep buying and investing on products that fail to deliever on their promises. Some of the products take you to a point and muddle up things; confusing the reader with technical jargons difficult to understand; while others simply don’t supply the “line of action” that will give you the breakthrough. Don’t rush into buying into many products until you have traced the solution or the missing “line of action”. One such area is the “online money making products”.

I know some firms which promise, “universe” to provide traffic to peoples’ sites but are simply dubious, they collect monthly subscritions but never delievers anything, I mean they give you nothing. These websites don’t only waste your money they waste your time. Cut off from them as soon as possible.

I will advise all such product and service providers to live up to their promise. This “fast-track-business” some of them do will end up in poverty soon.

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Get Some Help: Don’t Allow Your Business to Die

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Business people can be very busy fixing business matters that they don’t have anytime to learn new things. The true is that the world around us is changing fast and if we have no plans to keep abreast with the changes, the business we have been building will die naturally.

Take a look at the mobile phones, a lot of things have been built into the small phones we hold in our palms; most of them  are mini machines and have the capacity to do a lot of business stuff. However, many business people don’t have the time to study the manuals and so cannot get the best out of them.

Are you reading? Do you have time for conferences or training? Well time! I encourage all business people to find time to study. One way you can do times is through audio books and there are a lot of them now. The time used to study is not a wasted time. Just take your time and do it. You can use audio books on your mp 3, mobile phone, laptop, etc. You can listen to them while driving or while using other transportation means. It will produce results.Ebooks are excellent too. If you don’t have the time to read printed books get audio books or ebooks.

Visit: http://www.klarazstorez.com. You will find good resource materials by seasoned business people that will be of help to you. The money spent on these resources are not wasted; please don’t allow your business to die you, have invested so much into it.

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Haiti-You can help – Appeal

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It is over a year since the earthquake and tsunami that wrecked Haiti. A lot has happened since then and there are chances that Haiti might be forgotten so soon.

The people are still mourning their dead and nursing their wounds. It will take a time and help for the people to rebuild the loss. Lets help again.

Join me in a project to offer help to people in Haiti. I have a book titled ” God Gives Songs in the Night” I want to sow 30% of the sales to Haiti. There was a great concerned laid in my heart to help. When you buy this book please consider it help for those in need. Another 10% will be given to cancer research in United Kingdom. That project start now. (8 April 2011)

Go to: http://ebooks.faithwriters.com/index.php and buy a copy and sow the seed. The book is less than £5.00. ( less that a meal probably) in UK. It an ebook and you will download your copy shortly after payment – please be patient to complete the process.

The ebook is about how God helps people in the time of trouble and life challenges. It shows examples of people who overcame their problems and how they did it. It will encourage you in a wonderful way.

There are people of integrity who will ensure that the money gets to those it is meant for.

Thank you for doing something. Please help spread it and lets make a difference. Ask friend and relations to help.

Go to:http://ebooks.faithwriters.com/index.php ( Copy to your browser)

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April 8, 2011 at 4:50 pm

Don’t Close Shop Until You’ve Read this Book

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The times are very challenging for a lot of businesses no matter their size. The forecast are scary and not even the gurus in buisess and commerce seem to know what the future of the world economy holds. The finances are tight, shops are closing down and unemployment is on the increase.

Many poeple are wondering what to do next with their businesses and investments. Don’t close your business until you have read the book I am going to introduce to you. Don’t give up your dreams, “the fearful in heart will not inherit the land” Felix Odiogor-Odoh, 2011, Writenwod.

Someone introduced a book to me sometime ago “Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill. This is the book I want you to read before you make up your mind whether to quit or stay. “Think and Grow Rich” has valueable information gathered from research and published to raise men who made a difference during difficult situaltions. It teaches “the famous Andrew Carngie formula for money-making, based on the thirteen proven steps to riches” (Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, 2002)

You can find the ebook version on sale in many stores like http://www.klarazstorez.com There is also the audio version of the book. This will be of great value to those on the move. The ebook is on pdf format and easy to download.

It is affordable and considering the rich information contained you won’t want to miss it.

You really need the inspiration and motivation to keep you going. The  ebook “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleaon Hill, will be a great resource for you.

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April 7, 2011 at 12:25 am

Ebook- “The Secret of Highly Successful Writers Revealed” Launched

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Klaraz Storez Limited has released for sale the eBook ” The Secret of Highly Successful Writers Revealed” to the public. The eBook which is already on sale at Lulu.com and FaithWriters.com in on pdf format.

“The Secret of Highly Successful Writers Revealed” is a handy,  an easy to read and apply book that every aspiring writer or author should peruse and get vital information from on what separates prolific writers and new entrants.

The author Felix Odiogor-Odoh says this is a vital contribution to the work of writers and authors and that the price is great for the ebook. He said that it takes more than knowing what to write and having a good title to get to the top. He said this information will make a lot of difference.

The public can buy at lulu.com and at FaithWriters.com. People can also buy from the company through paypal (klarazstorez@google.com) and the ebook will be sent electronically. The company will sell the book at £3.00 until the end of April. Klaraz Storez is using this payment method so that all can buy;  it is safe and secure and paypal can help out if any item fails to reach a buyer.

Other ebooks that buys can take advantage of at this time is the book “How Much is Your Business Worth”  a short business manual on sale at Amazon and Lulu.com. This will also go for £2.00 as ebook till the end of April.

Conclusion. Klaraz Storez Limited is having a product awareness month. The Managing Director  hopes that  consumers will be highly motivated to keep going despite the global economic difficulties.

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April 2, 2011 at 3:53 pm

Help save the Earth – Go eBook

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Ebook Reader

Ebook Reader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ebook is a short word for electronic book. Many existing books are now in ebook version. There are new ebooks being published every time.

Ebook is a way to help the environment. With an ipad you can almost carry a robust library in your hand anywhere you go. There are mobile phones, MP3, and SatNav. that are made with space for ebooks. You may already have what it takes to store your ebooks.

You can buy your ebooks are affordable prices and easy download format, visit www.funfreelancewriting.com to find out how. Don’t struggle with the ebook thing. It has come to stay; the technology can only get better.