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Prove a Point

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Prove a point

Prove a point



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September 10, 2013 at 11:13 am

The Cost of Running Small Businesses Online

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This is a simple diagram known as a Business O...

This is a simple diagram known as a Business Object Model. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Online business has come to stay and will only get better. It is not a hidden enterprise anymore; many governments are catching up with this “gold mine”. Many big companies are realising that the online business model can no longer be ignored or despised. Many of them actually have eBay stores.

It is however unfortunate that many people who are starting up their business with online business model are still having negative complexes. I have read extensive articles that put smear on online businesses; according to the writers the process is slow and profits are far in between. There are family members and friends who keep wondering why you have chosen to do business especially online instead of getting a job and working for someone else. Well, if you are acquainted with business ventures, you must have been aware that no business is a walk-over when you are starting out. It is only in a dream that success takes place before work; and it is only bogus business-promoters that tell you that you don’t have to do anything but sit in an easy-chair on a beach, with your car packed on top of the sea waves – if you believe that then, frustration will soon become your sleeping partner.

Online business may cost less in setting up but it is actually all involving in managing, promotion and sustenance. It takes time and money to promote your online website and if you use other people’s platform, you pay listing fee and a sales-percentage after your item is sold; and it can sum to something substantial. All these are still relatively small when compared with offline stores; besides your reach is wider and your audience unlimited.  The cost of running online business model comes in bits, so it is less burdensome. You can equally shop around to use cost effective ways of doing your business.

Using the outsourcing services can be of big help.  There are a lot to do in setting up online business; these include building websites and hosting it, advertisement, e-commerce, record-keeping among others. Initially you may not bother with most of the things you need to do but you must note that if you really want to keep your business and grow it, you will need to think and work on the essential things. You may find the book “How much is your business worth?” helpful. You can also find Elance, an outsourcing site useful. Elance is safe and you are in charge of who to hire to do your job. You don’t have to retain the experts; they are there when you need them.

When promoting your business you need to be very careful about who does it for you. I had experiences with companies that promised so much but delivered very little. Most of the people who speak for them are sales persons who knew little about what they are selling. It is important to make notes of your discussions with them so that you can refer to it if there is any need to. Most of the time, you may be required to agree to a 6 months contract; be careful about this.

Pay per click is a good way to promote your business however, make sure you have great products that can bring return on investment (ROI), if you don’t, you will lose money for nothing – most of them are faster than you think. Many people who click are not interested in buying anything; they belong to “get paid to click” groups and get a percentage of the cut. In other words they are induced to click for reward. Google Adwords is notable pay-per-click venture. Their exposure and integrity are much better and you are not tied to any rubbish that you can’t get away from. You must take time to understand how it works else, your campaign can be stopped and your site banned.

You need patience and doggedness to succeed in business whether offline or online. Be confident of yourself and be proud of what you are doing. Work hard and you will reap a good profit sooner or later.

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How To Communicate With Your Site Visitors

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If you own a website for any reason, especially for business purposes, there are some very important things that you need to consider seriously, if you want to make great impact with your site. I will briefly discuss two of them in this write-up.
1. You need to get people to visit your site. This is what is called getting traffic to your site. There are a lot of ways to do this but that is not the subject of this discussion.
2. The next important thing is what people will see when they arrive at your site. This is what this articles is all about. You must endeavor to communicate effective with your visitors. You do this through your web contents. They are not going to meet you there in person, it is your article (write-up) that they will meet there. It is that content that will tell them what you would have told them if you were there. You must communicate well.

You must know that a lot of people don’t have much time for lengthy words. People are struggling to manage their time and the earlier they understand what you have to say the better for your business.

If you don’t have the great writing skill or the time to write, let someone who does help you write it and when you rub minds together on it, you will get good article as your web content, able to tell your visitors what you are offering. It is when this is done that you can convert visits to sales. Don’t forget that part of the communication is product descriptions.

I can help you with content writing if you feel you need someone to assist with writing. It is not expensive – send a simple line to fodiogorodoh@yahoo.com and lets talk.Don’t forget communication is very important to your business.

Ride on the Wings of the Economic storm

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How do you want this economic downturn to leave you? Certainly no person wants the worst out of it. History shows that these things are not new on the face of the earth. The great depression of late 1920s through to 1930s is a good reference. What was it that help the people then to survive and to go on to build a great future? The simple answer, if you read their account is: A POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

The business world must get motivated. There should be a new thinking and answer to the question “where do we go from here?” There is a need for cooperation on a new levels rather than competition and cynicism.

Where has all the money we use to have gone to? In the past decades, there were a lot of wars, natural disasters, etc. These things swept away a lot of developments and resources, creating a need to rebuild and rehabilitate people. Real wealth is not about printing, counting,  shuffling money from one table to another or  betting. Converting natural resources into products and strengthening production line is a strong economic leverage. It is important also that the consumer base of the economy is strengthen; a weak consumer-base economy is destructive.

Don’t fold up your business, try something new. Find some resources at http:// http://www.klarazstorez.com, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, is a good material to study ( Get the audio version and you won’t have to abandon the book on the shelf.)

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April 13, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Does the Info. Product or Website You have deliver on Its Promise?

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We can’t argue the fact that information and traffic are the brain of business success. Making effort to update our knowledge is wisdom and getting traffic to your site is the secret to selling.

Many people are however finding it difficult to put into practice some information they got from a book, ebook, etc. Most times such people are forced to keep buying and investing on products that fail to deliever on their promises. Some of the products take you to a point and muddle up things; confusing the reader with technical jargons difficult to understand; while others simply don’t supply the “line of action” that will give you the breakthrough. Don’t rush into buying into many products until you have traced the solution or the missing “line of action”. One such area is the “online money making products”.

I know some firms which promise, “universe” to provide traffic to peoples’ sites but are simply dubious, they collect monthly subscritions but never delievers anything, I mean they give you nothing. These websites don’t only waste your money they waste your time. Cut off from them as soon as possible.

I will advise all such product and service providers to live up to their promise. This “fast-track-business” some of them do will end up in poverty soon.

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Get Some Help: Don’t Allow Your Business to Die

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Business people can be very busy fixing business matters that they don’t have anytime to learn new things. The true is that the world around us is changing fast and if we have no plans to keep abreast with the changes, the business we have been building will die naturally.

Take a look at the mobile phones, a lot of things have been built into the small phones we hold in our palms; most of them  are mini machines and have the capacity to do a lot of business stuff. However, many business people don’t have the time to study the manuals and so cannot get the best out of them.

Are you reading? Do you have time for conferences or training? Well time! I encourage all business people to find time to study. One way you can do times is through audio books and there are a lot of them now. The time used to study is not a wasted time. Just take your time and do it. You can use audio books on your mp 3, mobile phone, laptop, etc. You can listen to them while driving or while using other transportation means. It will produce results.Ebooks are excellent too. If you don’t have the time to read printed books get audio books or ebooks.

Visit: http://www.klarazstorez.com. You will find good resource materials by seasoned business people that will be of help to you. The money spent on these resources are not wasted; please don’t allow your business to die you, have invested so much into it.

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How to Increase Business Visibility

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Life is generally interesting if you take a little time to look around, ask questions and meditate on things around. The Internet  has added a lot to life things that were unimaginable some years ago.  You can  get linked with friends you lost contact with years ago; business has been made much dynamic and rewarding through effective use of the power of the Internet and communication is  completely fantastic; everyone is just a click or a dial away.

It is sad though that this great opportunity is being abused with impunity by many people. Daily I get emails that are simply nonsense and many are outrightly scary in the sense that many people can get trapped, deceived and dumped of fortune. Examples are emails that tell you that you have won a huge amount of money from wherever for owning an email address or the ones that ask that you help with transferring money out from a particular country to another. I call these activities “poverty of the mind.” the time used for such activities can be invested productively through the same media.

Businesses and individuals should learn to harness the power of the Internet to maximum advantage. One of the simplest and most profiting thing on the Internet is “connection.”  Get connected to the world around you and in the process you can develop rewarding business opportunities. Connection can increase your business visibility. Business don’t have to be competition all day; there can be symbiotic networking that can produce synergy that will be of benefit to all the “connected partners.”

There are many existing groups already like twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I will be glad if the  people who have ideas of serious economic and business forum that will be beneficial to others post a reply to this blog and let other people get help. Do you know some? Post it.

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April 5, 2011 at 5:26 pm