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How Can I Reach People With The Good News? – Be Part of This

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There are many unheard testimonies and victory songs that can bless many people all over the world. There are many gospel work that are unknown, unappreciated and unsupported. You can share them through this space to many people all over the world. 

Your story might be the “arm of the Lord” stretched out to reach someone out there; your article or song can bless millions of people now and in years to come. You can contact me with the materials (it will be edited – if need be; but I strongly encourage you to edit your work properly). Obsence, hate, attacks and such things are not allowed.

Good articles, testimonies, studies etc, may be published in a newsletter with due acknowledgement. (The purpose is to connect with people in fellowship and probably in partnership). You can contact me through this email:gracefulvoiceinc@gmail.com

We shall not be liable for any write up and we might not publish all articles. Adverts (banners and text) might attract a small fee)

Be part of this and give your work a push. We need only free articles only at the moment. 

Grace be upon you.


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