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Where is the destination?

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Most people who plan to travel know their destination before they leave home for their journey. They have a plan of how long they want to stay in their destination and the places they want to spend their time. Many people have a budget for the journey and detailed plans are drawn up to make the most of the time. The same thinking can be applied in many areas of life.

The question is, where are you going to in life, career, business, etc. Where is the destination, any ideas? There are many people who spend all their life time searching for purpose and meaning in very vague ways. Many people want to own the world! Unfortunately the world is subject to different interpretations. It is important for us to have a clear picture of what we want to achieve in life, in business, career, family etc. It is confusing when purposes are not clear enough.

Our purposes are not far from us and it is not beyond our abilities. Your desitny is not at the end of the world. It is in being yourself, what the creator made you, that you discover destiny. It is in serving God and humanity with who we are and with what we have, that we discover the core of our purpose and destinies.

If you feel you are on the right path; make the vision clear and decide on a definite frame of time to work within. Find out the cost of this vision; that is, the price you are going to pay and pay it.

Make up your mind to live your dream, it is not everyone that will be excited about your dream and you don’t need anybody’s permission to live your dream. Sometimes you need someone to interpret your dream. This is not usually what people can do for you. God can! It is important to ask Him for help always. He can send people and material resources to you to help you achieve your purpose.


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July 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm