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I am sorry if this sounds rude. I will never be rude to you, there is no reason to be. I just want to help you do your job, so you can do some other important things. I know many people who can write well but don’t have the time to do it. There are also different kinds of writing and some training in that field is needed to do it. One such area is journalism.

What I can write for you

1. Press release

2. Ghost articles

3. Web contents

4. Blog contents

5. Copy writing

6. E-zine ( Electronic Magazine)


Why I could write for you

1. I trained as a journalist – this training equips me to write.

2. I am available to write for you. It is my business, so I have created time to do it.

3. I have been in publicity and publication jobs for many years: I have produced e-zine for a Charity organization for 2 years as the editor. I collate the materials, design ezine and publish it; I designed and printed handbills, posters and banners for churches and other establishments for years; I have published magazines for churches for years. I have some experience I can bring on board for this job.

4. I have worked with various people to produce the above materials. This is not as easy as it may look becuase it takes skill to work with people to produce organizational publications whether it is Press release, articles, handbills, bulletins or magazines. I can manage it effectively.

5. I have published articles on various sites on the Internet. Many on-line sites liked my articles and published them on their sites without permission.

6. I have published press release on sites and I know what it takes. As you may already know, this also involves knowledge of what to do and how.

My Price: It is affordable and negotiable.





Lets work together to give your business a lift.


Written by writenwod

April 4, 2011 at 3:44 pm

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