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Service Outsourcing – A lifeline

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There are lots of pressures now on small businesses and even the big companies are struggling to meet targets and provide adequate services to their customers. It is common to see closing companies’ premises as a result of the cutting and downsizing that both the governments and private establishments are doing.

Service outsourcing can be very helpful at this time for businesses. This is a principle of giving out some of your services to other companies and individuals to do for you. That way you create time to focus on core aspects of your service and production.

For instance, you don’t have to abandon your publicity drives because you can’t afford the space or staff. You can outsource a lot of things and do somethings through freelancing.

I can help with your e-zine. Ezine is electronic Magazine. It is an effective way of publicity and traffic generation. What you need is an interesting article, on any topic, your business news and product profile; if you like. (You can include all necessary information you want including pictures)

A two-page ezine is affordable and you can publish it once every month. It is easy to distribute and very cost effective as compared to posting surface mails. You can contact me about this.

There are many people who struggle under the weight of jobs they don’t have time for or not well skilled in, hoping it will cut cost but it really does very little. Take a close look and see how outsourcing can help reduce the pressure on your business.


Written by writenwod

April 2, 2011 at 4:27 pm

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