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A Greater Japan!

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Klaraz Storez Limited and I empathize  with the people of Japan and its  business community over the recent earthquake in Japan which claimed the lives of more than 8,000 people and injured much more. Many homes and business were damaged leaving trail of sorrow and despair.

You are a great people and you will overcome this. Be strong, be encouraged, our prayers are with you.  We know you are already on the path of recovery and you will come through it better and bigger. We see a greater Japan.


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March 28, 2011 at 12:20 pm

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Help save the Earth – Go eBook

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Ebook Reader

Ebook Reader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ebook is a short word for electronic book. Many existing books are now in ebook version. There are new ebooks being published every time.

Ebook is a way to help the environment. With an ipad you can almost carry a robust library in your hand anywhere you go. There are mobile phones, MP3, and SatNav. that are made with space for ebooks. You may already have what it takes to store your ebooks.

You can buy your ebooks are affordable prices and easy download format, visit www.funfreelancewriting.com to find out how. Don’t struggle with the ebook thing. It has come to stay; the technology can only get better.

Audio Books: Advancing Knowledge

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I loving reading books and it is always a great time when I read; however things changed with time. I became very busy with work, vocation as well as family.

I have always spent good money on books and information materials in print but most of them ended up in the bookshelves and files. A lot of the books were read halfway, which was really frustrating.

I got to know about Audio books from my researches and I subscribed to a site where I bought audio books at affordable prices.

Audio books are  books that has been published either as Paper prints or e-book. The difference is that it has now been read-out and recorded in audio format which can be played on a PC, Laptop, MP 3 or on a mobile phone.

Audio books has helped me to keep enjoying books again. I can listen to them while traveling, relaxing with my family or even while working on the computer. It is like enjoying the best of two worlds. The fact that they are affordable is an added impetus to my great pal – audio books.

All book and information lovers who are struggling with reading because of busy schedules can now make up the loss with audio books.

You may wish to visit: http://www.klarazstorez.com for some information on  where to get your audio books.

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March 23, 2011 at 9:55 pm

The Fearful in Heart Cannot Inherit the Land

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You just have to keep going, there is no stopping point around.

These are the days when things that create fear and discouragement happen all around. The forecast is not encouraging and the predictions are what nobody wants to hear. As it is, good things don’t make news. You only have to listen to the news to score me excellent. Are you in business, are your planning a new venture, are you planning to give up on your dream? Don’t! the fearful in heart cannot inherit the land, they will only live to serve the brave and the daring. Get going friend, the sun will soon rise!

You have a friend here who wants you to make it.

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March 23, 2011 at 4:58 pm

Hello world!

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I welcome you to my blog. Life is to be shared in every beneficial way and one such way is sharing ideas, thoughts, observations, discoveries, skills and talents. No one can go through life all alone. We crave for love, to be heard, to give, to be accepted, to be free to be who we are, etc.

Thank you for meeting me here and even if we don’t meet else where lets make the best of this opportunity and if we have a greater opportunity to interact in other ways and places may it be a happy and rewarding experience.

Thanks for sharing my world and I will be glad to see what you’ve got. Don’t forget that we may see the world differently, we are to learn from each other and when we differ in opinions and views, it is all part of the world be live in. Lets be friends.

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March 23, 2011 at 4:11 pm

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>How to Increase your Website Traffic 100% Using 6 Easy Ways

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>Why would you want to own a website? There are many reasons why anyone can create and pay a firm to host a website. There are people who did this for things like wedding, christening ceremony or for the next Friday’s gig. Your motive will determine what you do with your website after publishing it. If your aim is to get many people to visit your site, then you need a lot of traffic. Getting people to visit a website is called traffic and if you are in business, you will need a lot of it.
One of the ways to get traffic to your site is through writing and publishing articles. You can give away eBooks, articles, or an e-zine to people for free. Many people like to get free information products and this serves as an incentive to make the friendly to your site. They can link up their friends with your site.

Social networking: Networking is a way of connecting with people, building friendship and sharing interests. When people get to know and trust you, they will be willing to do business with you.

Get involved in community life: When your neighbours see you contributing something to their lives though community efforts, they become interest in you and in your business. Your community effort can be in form of donations to charities like, Heart foundation, Cancer research institute, etc.

You can use traffic exchange sites to get traffic to your site. There are many of them all over the internet. You are allowed to advertise your product with a commitment to surfing other adverts in the site. You can try TrafficSwarm.com, fivehits.com etc.

You can create a blog and use it to promote your interests and to direct traffic to your site. It takes a lot of efforts to promote blogs too; however, it is a useful tool and when people are happy with your blog, they will want to find out more about your other sites. Include your website link in your blog so that visitor can follow it.

Getting traffic to your site can be done through paid sites like Google, Yahoo, etc. If you want to use this method, it is important that you have products that people will be interested in when they arrive at your site. It is fast, but could be expensive if not managed well. You can always start with low rate sites and then go into big time spending if you want to.

The more traffic you generate to your site the more chances you have to make sales. This is a truth that all marketers must never forget.

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March 3, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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